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Fin Guide Bulk Packs for
Group Rocketry Projects

Give your classrooms and groups an even more enjoyable experience with their first rocket by helping them to avoid the difficulty of getting their fins to stay in place.

The fin guides help hold the fins in place while the glue dries, making for a much more reliable launch.

Guides come in sets from 6 on up, to equip your group or class of any size.

Rocket assembled with classroom fin guide

Fin guide bulk packs are economical solutions made specifically to hold the fins on a beginner's rocket.

Be sure to get as many fin guides as the rockets you are getting so no one is left out.

Please note that the fin guides are not necessary for rockets with plastic fin canisters, or for pre-assembled rockets.
Pick the sets that match the body tube and fins of the rockets your group is building:

Tube Diameter ID Tube
Fins Fin
Bulk Pack
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Estes BT-5
0.541" 4 1/16" FlisKits Over Drive
BT-5, 4 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 3 1/16" Estes Wizard
Estes Viking
Estes Yankee
Estes Hi-Flier
BT-20, 3 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 4 1/16" Estes Viking
FlisKits Flea
BT-20, 4 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 5 1/16" Estes Viking
BT-20, 5 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 6 1/16" Estes Viking
BT-20, 6 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 7 1/16" Estes Viking
BT-20, 7 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 8 1/16" Estes Viking
BT-20, 8 fin, 1/16"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 3 3/32" ModelRockets.us Ceeyah
BT-20, 3 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-20 0.736" 4 3/32" Custom projects
BT-20, 4 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-50 0.976" 3 3/32" Apogee Avion
Estes Alpha
SureFire "The Red Hunter"
SureFire Solar Spy
Custom Rockets Fiesta
Custom Rockets Venture
Custom Rockets Zero Gravity
Custom Rockets Game Over
BT-50, 3 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-50 0.976" 4 3/32" BMS School Rocket Kit
SureFire  Explorer X-13
SureFire Explorer X-19
SureFire "The Shocker"
SureFire Alien Chaser
SureFire Black Widow
Custom Rockets Tristar
Custom Rockets Freedom
Custom Rockets Galaxy Taxi
Custom Rockets Galaxy Patrol
Custom Rockets Galaxy Rescue
Custom Rockets Raven
BT-50, 4 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-51  1.0"
(can fit 0.99 to 1.01"
3 3/32" Starlight Queeze-Bee
ModelRockets.us Super Tooboh
ModelRockets.us Turbo 
ModelRockets.us Centauri
ModelRockets.usSuper Centauri
BT-51, 3 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-55 1.325" 3 3/32" Estes Loadstar II
FlisKits Triskelion (don't forget the 3/32" T-mounts!)
BT-55, 3 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-55 1.325" 4 3/32" Custom projects
BT-55, 4 fin, 3/32"
Estes BT-55 1.325" 5 3/32" Custom projects
BT-55, 5 fin, 3/32"

* Parts are sometimes built to order.   Please allow 2-3 business days for production.

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