Qualman Rocketry

Precision Fin Alignment Guides
One of the most challenging aspects of building precise model rockets is to get the fins aligned correctly.  The fin alignment guides from Qualman Rocketry solve this problem by precisely holding the fins against the body tube as the glue dries.

For everyone from beginners to long-time builders, there is no better solution to assuring accurate fin alignment.

The fin alignment guides are made from laser-cut rigid cardstock, for cost-effective precision.

Fin alignment guide used to assemble an Estes Wizard

Various Fin Alignment Guide Sets are available for low- and mid-power rocketry
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 1/16" fins
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 3/32" fins
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 1/8" fins
Fin Guides for Quest-sized tubes

Most guides can hold up to 12 fins at once with their precision laser-cut patterns
Mounting 6 fins, with room for 6 more

Example of a small fin guide, for BT-5 tubes, which can hold up to 8 fins at once
Each set comes with guides for a variety of body tube sizes, to hold fins of different thicknesses
Fin guide set for standard BT tubes and 1/8" fins.  Sets for other tube sizes and fin thicknesses are also available

Each guide is marked for easy placement of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 fins
For a rocket with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 fins, put a fin in this slot

Guides have cutouts so the glue stays on the fins, not the guides
A cutout around the fin slot, to help keep the fin guide from gluing to the rocket

Two sets of angle measurements are provided - an outer ring for fin placement, and an inner ring for marking tubes
Guides have two sets of angle measurements.  Outer ring (blue) is for fin slots.  Inner ring (green) is for marking the tube.

Each marking point has a small indent, giving positive contact with your pencil to get very accurately placed marks on your body tubes
Get a positive feel with your pencil for exactly where to place the mark

Special features include color coded ring for easy identification and outer slots for special fin guide needs
Sets have separate colors, so they can be easily pulled from your drawer or storage bin

Included with some sets are T-mounts, tube marking guides, and rulers
Mid-sized tube marking guide, with inch markings on one side.  Centimeter markings are on the other side.

T-mount, holding a fin perpendicular to another fin