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Fin Alignment Guide Set for Rockets with Quest-sized Tubes

This is the set that is specific to Quest Aerospace* rockets, sized for their body tubes and 3/32" or 1/8" fins.

Includes the following:
  • Fin alignment guides for 3/32" fins and these tube sizes:
    • QT-15 (15mm)
    • QT-20 (20mm)
    • QT-25 (25mm)
    • QT-30 (30mm)
    • QT-35 (35mm)
    • QT-40 (40mm)
    • QT-50 (50mm)
  • Fin alignment guides for 1/8" fins and these tube sizes:
    • QT-35 (35mm)
    • QT-40 (40mm)
    • QT-50 (50mm)
  • T-guide
  • Tube marking guide with 6 inch and 15 cm rulers* 
*some assembly required

QTFGSET $14.99
per set
Various Fin Guide Sets are available for low- and mid-power rocketry
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 1/16" fins
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 3/32" fins
Fin Guides for standard BT tubes with 1/8" fins
Fin Guides for Quest-sized tubes

*Qualman Rocketry is not affiliated with Quest Aerospace

Quest America being assembled with a QT-30 fin alignment guide
Compatible with most rockets from Quest, which have balsa or basswood fins

Quest Novia being assembled with a QT-20 fin alignment guide

Quest SuperBird assembled with a QT-35, 1/8" fin alignment guide

Parts are sometimes built to order.   Please allow 2-3 business days for production.

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