Qualman Rocketry

Qualman Rocketry
In some ways, Qualman Rocketry is yet another model rocket company, sprung by the dreams of avid model rocketeers.

We realize that, and understand that there are many fine rocket designers out there, and many other great companies.

Our goal isn't to go head-to-head with them.

Instead, we're looking at the rocketeers. What are they looking for with rocketry? How do they build their rockets? What do they want to do differently?

So, we've started by producing some basic tools to solve some basic problems encountered by model rocket enthusiasts. The first of these are the fin guides  They solve one of the most vexing problems facing model rocket builders - keeping fins aligned to the body, and aligned to each other. For the hobbiest, we provide detailed fin guides, suitable for most low- and mid-power rocketry.

We also know that most people get their intro to rocketry in schools, at young ages. To help these builders, we've got sets of fin guides designed specifically for the classroom environment.

We also want to just help cloners and scratch builders.

So, we've also provided some free information about how to solve another basic problem encountered by scratch builders and cloners - making reliable engine mounts from scratch. We could have started building those for sale, and in the future we might.  But, we wanted to share our ideas right now, to make for better scratch builds.

The other big problem encountered by cloners and scratch builders is simply getting reliable centering rings. They take some experience to make readily, and occasionally some cut fingers. For the rocketeers that want a variety of centering rings for rapidly putting their designs together, we've produced some low-cost centering ring packs.

We're still developing additional products, so let us know what would help your builds, and keep an eye to see if we've come up with something you just gotta have.

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